• #tecnifibre

    FightSmart is the concept in the DNA of our Brand, but how to define it?
    We actually thought the players would be the best persons to help us on that.
    Daria Kasatkina and Daniil Medvedev share their FightSmart sides

  • #tecnifibre

    We, Tecnifibre, want to show the world that nobody was born a top player and strive to inspire you to become one.

  • carboflex x-speed

    The racquet designed with Mohamed el Shorbagy
    Raise your creativity

  • t-fight xtc

    Fight with a touch of Style

  • t-rebound tempo

    The 1st racquet range exclusively designed for women

テニス スカッシュ パデル

Design to perform



Nobody was born a top player



We are a team ON & OFF court